Well this is Rita, she has been there for me since day one, i moved in my house when i was 1 and i still live there... shes been my neighbor ever since... i'v known her since 1999 meaning 13 almost 14 years, and shes always been there for me no mater what, i love her to death. She's like my little sister even tho she 2 years older... betwen both of us the one who will kill tha tspider will be me... even if i hate them myself. i know if i need to talk to someone shes there and when she needs to talk to someone she knows im there for her. we are so much alike...same color hair, eyes, skin...even if in the summer i get darker :P... we like the same things, we think alike and its true Gret minds think alike ;) even if we aint that smart :P